Homemade Baby Powder Recipe

Even the best diapering can still result with baby’s bottom being irritated. Cloth diapers is the best way to go for diapering and often more helpful in avoiding irritation. Cloth is breathable, chemical free and healthier for baby and the enviroment. Most powders and creams in the stores are full of ingredients that aren’t very healthy and the quality of these products is also lost. It’s important to remember the Integumentary system or “skin” is the largest organ in the body. It’s our defense barrier between the outside and is also a filtering system for substances entering and exiting the body. Our bodies do not like chemicals and our babies especially have delicate skin needs. Consider a quick and easy way to whip up a more friendly solution to diaper irritation. Home made Baby Powder Recipe A talc-free powder with some of nature’s finest herbs for gently soothing and to help heal irritated skin. 1 cup arrowroot powder 1 tbsp. dried ground chamomile 1 tbsp. dried ground lavender Combine all ingredients until evenly blended. Consider recycling a jar and poking holes to make a shaker. Use as needed externally applied to baby’s bottom when diapering. Arrowroot powder gently helps soothe and dry damp areas, lavender and chamomile are soothing, healing, and help prevent bacterial growth. A good old fashioned rolled oats bath can be calming is also helpful in soothing your baby’s skin. Put a cup of rolled (not instant) oatmeal in an old stocking or cheesecloth. Tie it up so you don’t end up with oatmeal mush all over your tub and add to hot bath water. Allow the water to cool down to an appropriate temperature before placing baby in the bath. Always double check the bath water with a thermometer insure it is safe and will not burn your loved one. Wishing your baby a happy bottom! Have fun making this simple, healthier, friendly alternative to talc baby powder! Just a friendly reminder to always remember to change your baby frequently to help prevent irritation from urine and stool. This post is not medical advice and is not a substitute for seeing your health care provider. Many diaper rashes are not serious, however rashes including those in the diaper area can signal a more serious condition. For really bad or unusual rashes or rashes that perisist without getting better, a visit to your doctor is highly recommended and should be considered.