Prayers Needed For A Local Baby……..

My heart has been touched by a local baby boy who’s story made the news, and I felt God call me to help……

Baby Clay was Shaken To Death by a male caregiver on July the 10th 2013. He was 5 months old. The first photo was taken of him playing and smiling just 3 days before the incident on July the 7th.  Fire Dept Rescue, and EMS found him in full cardiac arrest, cyanotic with retinal hemorrhaging had to be resuscitated by rescue workers. He was taken to the nearby hospital where he lived on advanced life support for a month before doctors had done all they could do. He was not expected to live off life support, and began breathing on his own. Today he lives at home and remains in what doctors are calling “a persistent coma”. Please pass this along, and continue to pray for this baby who’s heroic fight continues! We thank God everyday for Clay’s progress! Please never shake a baby! Visit his Facebook Support Page at:


(Photo Above Uploaded For Update in September 2013)

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