Should you pre-register with the hospital??

I recently received the following question in an email from a local mom:

Hi, This is our first baby and we are a little curious if it is really neccessary to pre-register in the hospital for the birth, does it make the process faster or is it ok to just register once we arrive that day??? what do you reccommend?

Is it necessary to pre-register at the hospital before the birth? Is there any benefits?

I do highly recommend that you do pre-register before hand with your local hospital. It may not even be a bad idea to this even if you are home birthing, just in case!

Pre-registration can help the hospital to know important information ahead of time regarding you, your patient information, insurance, your emergency contact information, expected due date, your physician information, family status, and other useful information that you would want the hospital to stay updated on. This can be especially helpful in hopeful unlikely event of emergency in which you may not be able to answer these questions.

While you may still be asked questions upon your arrival, the process of pre-registering can help speed things up as well.

It only takes about 5 minutes and you can easily call, fax, mail, or go online (many hospitals now offer this online) to pre-register. Some providers offices will take care of this for you, however it never hurts to check in with your practice and find out.

Mission Hospital (which is our local hospital in Buncombe County, NC) has an OB/Preadmission you can update online

You may also call the hospital at:  828-213-1508